Happiness is…Puss’n Boots Rags

The Family


QGCA Tamara of Rag2Dazzle

Tamara not at all happy having her photo taken. She was my very first Alter and she hated the show ring so we stopped just short of her attaining SUPREME

Enough already!!!!!!


This is my beautiful Natalya who aspires to be a model/actress.
She has also retired now and deserves a happy (kid free) life.

I call her my people greeter because that is her role in the home.

Natalya died suddenly this year and she will be much missed. She has a place in my heart forever.

Princess Chai

Princess Chai was born 03/25/2011. She is much darker and bigger now she has stopped having babies. She is a cuddle bug.


Featured in the Ragdoll Calendar 2016


This is my daddy cat called BigBen. He is adorable, fun and an important part of the family. New up to date photos on the bottom of this page. I left these here so it shows what he was like as a kitten. He is now the proud daddy of magnificent kittens.

Big Ben


Mr. Blue Eyes, BigBen I should have called him Sinatra!