Happiness is…Puss’n Boots Rags

Payment Information

Terms of Sale

All buyers will be required to sign a contract with the seller. This contract protects both buyer and seller but most of all the new kitten.

All my kittens are sold altered and have a no declaw policy

Kittens are often reserved before they are even born. Buyers see the beautiful parents and other litters and reserve a kitten, sometimes months in advance.
Kittens are released to their new home at 15 weeks of age.
At this time all Pussnbootsrags kittens are all altered prior to leaving for their forever home.

On rare occasions a kitten could be considered sold for breeding but only to reputable catteries.

Deposits are non-refundable and are:£150 pets and £250 Breeding.
595 pounds  for pets and 1350 pounds for breeding/ show.
The balance is due before the kitten is shipped. The kittens are carefully selected for show/pet quality. The breeder acts in good faith in all transactions.

Pets = 595 pounds and up.
Show/Breeding = 1350 pounds and up.

Sometimes there may be an older Ragdoll  for sale. This is rare but please enquire.
Payment can be made through PayPal, details upon request;  If you prefer it you can also pay the balance owed by money order or cash.

For the uninitiated who feel that these prices are steep I must caution you against less expensive versions that may not be a pure breed ragdoll. There are a lot of mixed breeds on the market that are advertised as ragdolls so be careful. All genuine ragdoll breeders will provide testimonials and references on request and I am no exception. Each kitten will have a quality pedigree and their parents are often champion show cats themselves.

If you want a Traditional Ragdoll, from USA lines as they were bred to be, then this is the cattery you want.

While waiting for your choice kitten to grow you can visit the home and play and bond with them. I can also send updated photos to keep the love flowing.

Buying a kitten is a lifelong commitment so please choose carefully. I do not recommend a home with a very young child unless the child is familiar with how to handle a fragile baby. They are little babies and although somewhat resilient they must be protected (they chew electric wires for instance and eat bugs and all manner of things.)

Contact me at pmmakuk@yahoo.com. 
01652 781524
07534 956653
I will be happy to talk to you.