Happiness is…Puss’n Boots Rags

Our Guarantee


A contract must be signed at time of purchase by breeder and buyer . This contract will be explained in full if buyer is interested in a cat or kitten.  All kittens from Pussnbootsrags are in excellent health when they leave my care. They have a full medical from a licensed veterinarian. They leave my home neutered, first/second vaccinations, and full health check.

Pet kittens will be neutered/spayed prior to placement. They are tested for feline leukemia / Aids. The dam and sire are free of all known ragdoll diseases, such as hcm and pkd.

I give a 2 year guarantee from the date of the kitten’s birth for the following conditions.

If in the rare event your kitten develops a genetic or congenital defect, this must be verified by a licensed veterinarian and a copy sent to me for verification. Also if the kitten dies unexpectedly, then a written report from an accredited autopsy laboratory must also be sent to me. in these cases you can have a replacement healthy kitten of equal quality. These are rare cases, and fortunately I have not come across this event.

When your new baby gets home you are advised to get your own licensed veterinarian to examine him/her to confirm optimum health within 7 days of purchase.

All my kittens are registered with TICA  and/or GCCF, and you will receive a registration with the breeders registration with each kitten.

Every reputable breeder stands by their kittens and will always act in good faith.

The kitten will be healthy but they are babies and will eat or play with anything so great care is needed to ensure they are safe. I know of a kitten choking on toilet paper and yet another choking on food not cut up small enough. If, as I do, you have an open fire then a safe fireguard will be necessary. They tend to chew wires so please baby proof your home before you adopt a kitten. It is advisable to provide a cat tree so they kitten has somewhere to scratch. This should be tall so the kitten can stretch up.

Each buyer will be required to sign a contract to ensure optimum care for the kitten. As a new owner there are many responsibilities caring for a ragdoll.

No kitten or cat should be allowed outside except perhaps on a harness. Yes they can be trained to walk like a dog on a lead. and must be housed in safe clean environments, then you will have a lifetime of healthy love from your kitten.

It is an unfortunate situation if your cat gets fleas, but it is advisable to check with your vet as these pests can come into your spotless house on clothing or shoes. They can be transferred by other family pets. Do not be alarmed if this happens but treat them right away. As I said your vet will advise you.

Do not be afraid to clip the kittens nails . If you do this while they are young then they will allow it when they are older. It is also alright to bathe the kitten/cat if they need it. Use special cat shampoo as your shampoo may cause skin irritation. Clean eyes and ears regularly.  groom at least twice a week as this is good for bonding with your little one. Do not allow the kitten to bite your hand because they think this is a game and try squeaking as they do when they roughhouse with their siblings to warn to stop.

Start off by showing the new kitten the boundaries and they will be part of your family for life.


Please contact immediately if there are any questions connected to the health of your kitten at 01652 781524 or mobile 07534 956653