Happiness is…Puss’n Boots Rags

Other Activities

My new novel called Dolly Don’t Cry is now available. Published by Austin Macaulay this is a good read. Can be bought through Amazon. The focus of this novel is on a small English village at the time of WW1 and the main character Dolly has ups and downs of growing up. The friends she has contribute to an interesting novel that includes, love, adventures to India, rape and murder, so you know you are going to be entertained throughout. My travels in Canada and USA have given me a kaleidoscope of experiences to enable me to pain and write. My second novel is called Ordinary Heroines and will be published in summer 2019. This is a second visit to the world of Dolly. It is not a book about war but about the tenacity of the women as they go short of basic needs whilst keeping up the morale of their men, many of whom do not return home. Please check these out as I want to entertain you.

As if I am not busy enough I also paint mainly in oils. I sometimes take commissions.