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About Us

This is Natalya the TICA best of breed in a show in Florida. She is no longer with me but always in my heart. RIP baby girl.

Thank you for visiting the Puss’ n Boots Rags website. My name is Professor Pamela Martin. I run a small home based cattery situated in Broughton, North Lincolnshire, England. It is a small English village next to the woods so my babies see a lot of birds when they are in their catio.

My cats have free run of the house. The ONLY time they are segregated (in a separate room) is at breeding time and as you can imagine this is to control the breeding program. The kittens are safely contained in a nursery until they are old enough to be integrated.  My queens are not bred every time they come into heat but are pampered and only when they are judged to be physically and psychologically ready to have another litter will they then be mated. I strive to produce only the very best standard of the breed. I also show them at every opportunity to ensure the standard of traditional ragdolls  is maintained. All cats and kittens are registered with TICA and GCCF

Years ago I used to breed and show Himalayans. In fact I even took four seniors with me when I went to Florida to live.  They loved it and had a happy old age. When they died I was cat-less for only three months before I was looking around for a new breeding stock. Everything that I had read and seen led me to fall in love with the Ragdoll. Look at the section about the breed to learn more.

I was fortunate to go to a cat show and I was smitten. The Florida breeders have been my guides and friends throughout and helped me to identify the best show/breeders. All the breeders at the shows are dedicated, ethical people so try and attend one if you can. I am starting to venture into the show circuit in the UK.  I have been re-establishing my breeding program. I  am preparing new show cats as I have retired my older ones. My first show saw my fledgling stud Darcy take a division first so I an hopeful for the future. I have a quadruple Champion, a triple champion and two champions so now I want to get back to the shows with new babies.  My home is a multi generation home with the old aunty cats bringing up the younger generation. If you require information at a show, choose when you speak to the breeders as they will be busy grooming their babies for the ring.

This is Tamara who did not like the waiting around so she was one win away from Supreme, a quadruple champion.

After living with Ragdolls I must admit that this breed is easier to care for than other longhair breeds, needing only twice weekly grooming. I often bathe my cats and they know it is a normal part of life.  They are beautiful lap-cats whose blue eyes are designed to melt your heart. They all have distinct personalities. They are loving and very attached to their human caregivers.

I cannot conceive of a house without animals. Animals make a house into a home. We have our ‘mad’ half hours when chasing the feather is the name of the game, or when one cat or other starts to beg a treat from the fridge. I give them  tiny pieces  of cooked chicken, ham, even a bit of cheese (naughty momma).  They often disagree over who sleeps closest to me while I try to watch my favourite tv programmes. They have fun on the cat trees and love to steal paper from my desk.  I need them to come to me, I only have to open the fridge door and they stampede.

All of them love to be groomed and when it is bath time  the show cats know it is ShowTime. Thankfully the show cats are good travelers and just love the hotels if they are necessary. I am a retired psychology professor and I devote all of my time to my rags, and my painting as I am an artist and have published books, Dolly Don’t Cry and the next one coming soon, Ordinary Heroines.

I have taken up oil painting too and needless to say I am busy but happy.

Please browse and enjoy my website and I will endeavor to keep it updated as often as possible.